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Stand alone stereo digital to analog converter


“Crystal” Ultra low jitter PLL mode to minimize source degradation
Accepts input sample rates between 30kHz and 200kHz
Potentiometer-free digitally controlled analog volume circuitry
High power discrete headphone output
XLR, RCA (Coaxial) and Optical (Toslink) digital inputs
Balanced or unbalanced outputs with Polarity Inversion
Mono mode; useful in mixing and recording applications

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

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The UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins platform offers the world’s most authentic analog hardware emulations and award-winning audio plug-ins for Mac and PC. Powered by our popular DSP Accelerator hardware, UAD-2 plug-ins deliver rich, analog sound quality that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with native recording systems.

From rare compressors and equalizers, to vintage reverb processors and tape machines, UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins inject three-dimensional “out-of-the-box” analog sound to your in-the-box mixes.


Dynaudio BM6A
Active Nearfield Monitors

High-resolution 1.1″ soft dome tweeter, pure aluminum voice coil
7″ woofer, pure aluminum voice coil
2 channel high grade 100-Watt RMS amplifier
118dB SPL max. SPL
Frequency response of 41Hz to 21kHz
HF & LF analog trim filters

Dynaudio BM9s


10″ woofer with pure aluminum voice coil. 200W @ 4 ohm

Phase adjustment in 0° / 180°; Auto on/off, power LED;
Discrete LFE input, slave output for linking
Adjustment of low-pass corner frequencies (50-150 hz)
Frequency response of 29 Hz to 250 Hz
SAT/SUB high-pass adjustment: Flat, 60 Hz, 80 Hz


A Mini Monitoring Marvel for Accurate Mixes

The AVANTONE MixCubes mini reference monitors give you the ability to hear what your mixes will sound like on bass-challenged real-world systems such as computers, televisions, car stereos, and iPod docking stations. These full-range, active MixCubes are 6-1/2″ tall, and each contains a 5-1/4″ speaker that provides excellent sound reproduction for great reference mixing. The cabinets are shielded, so you can place them next to computer monitors.
Mytek – STEREO96 ADC
High performance A/D converter

44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz internal sampling frequencies
Ext. wordclock sync 25-100kHz or 256x Superclock(tm)
120dB Dynamic Range
24 bit resolution
High performance SuperShaper-HR™ psychoacoustic noiseshaping algorithm for 16 bit output
Switchable precision 10 turn-trimpots or input gain knob
Wordclock output can be used as a hi-end house clock.